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“We received the sweaters and they look awesome! Your companies commitment to planting one tree for each item you make is amazing.”

Mason, Redbull

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One Tree Planted

One tree planted for every item we make


One tree planted

We make it easier to choose sustainable options for your swag. You can create amazing merch your team will love (and share). And for every item you make, one tree will be planted in areas where they need them most.


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Our Work

Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You can create amazing custom ugly sweaters for your team, your fans and your customers. Ideal for Christmas gifts or for the office party - you can create something memorable for 2021.


Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Create your own Custom Christmas Sweaters

Create your very own custom Christmas sweaters for 2021. Each sweater is knitted from scratch - you can design your own or we can help with design.

Swag has never been more important for brands - creating fun products that your fans, customers and team love is what it's all about. It's not enough to just print on a cheap t-shirt - you can create amazing products from scratch.

Your merch will be made with the exact colors you want - any color, any design. The process is super easy.

Roody has been designing and making awesome branded custom ugly sweaters since 2015 for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Budweiser, Warner Brothers, iHop, etc. .

We offer a very low minimum order quantity (just 100 minimum) - you can create the most amazing gift for your customers, fans and staff. You can choose any colors you like and your design can go anywhere - on the front, back and sleeves.

Create Ugly Sweaters to Sell

Ugly sweaters are very popular and sell fast. If you have a following for your brand (big or small), why not add some amazing Christmas merch to your website? Other brands their own range of knits for the holidays include breweries, YouTubers, influencers, charities and brands.

It's easy to design your own custom ugly Christmas sweaters - you can use any colors you like and the design will be knitted on the front, back and sleeves. The quality of your sweaters is amazing and they sell fast. If you'd like any assistance with design, we are more than happy to help.

Custom Knit Sweater Manufacturer

We've been making fully knitted sweaters for years for some amazing brands - large and small and we're always delighted to help you make something special and unique.

Your sweaters are made sustainably to the highest standards - they look and feel amazing. You can have your own custom labels added to finish off your merch into something that will delight everybody.

How to Design and Make a Custom Christmas Sweater

1. Choose a custom ugly sweater or type of sweater you like. There are lots of examples on our Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater page.

2. Just contact us with some details about the project and any ideas you have for creating your own custom ugly sweater. If you have a designer we can send you a template or if you prefer, our ugly sweater design team can help create an amazing design.

3. Once you're happy with design we knit your custom ugly sweater sample and send you some pictures for your approval. Once approved, we then go into production and your sweaters are knitted from scratch.

4. The sweaters are delivered to you. We deliver worldwide.

Ugly Sweater Manufacturers

Roody is one of the largest manufacturers of ugly sweaters in the world. We've made lots of amazing quality sweaters for clients around the world. Each sweater is fully branded and made from scratch.

If you're ready to start creating some amazing sweaters for your team, we'll be delighted to help.