Create Custom Hawaiian Shirts for your Brand

It has never been easier to create amazing, completely custom shirts for your brand. These shirts are the best selling item of merch for 2021, easy to wear and super light - they look and feel amazing.

Would you like any help with design?  
No problem. We have a design team that will be happy to help.

How fast is production?
Usually production is just 30 days.

Can I create my own label?
Of course. You can include your logo and branding on the label of the shirt.

What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is just 50 units.

Is it possible to create a custom Hawaiian Shirt with a Logo?
Yes, of course. We can include your logo in your design.

Have a question?
Our customer service team are available to help - just shoot us a question by clicking Get Started

Quantity Price / unit

50-99 (min is 50)










Image of a Windows Hawaiian Shirt

How it works

  1. Send us some basic details.
    We make Custom Hawaiian Shirts for for customers who are reselling and for promotion / marketing / employee gifts. It sometimes helps with the design process if you let us know how you will be using them.
  2. We create a design for you (or you can send us a design).
    Based on your request an amazing design or two will be worked up for you. The design team will be happy to create something unique and special. If you have your own designer and would prefer to create your own design, we can share a handy template.

  3. We create a shirt for your approval.
    Once the order is confirmed, we get to work making up your shirts. We start by making the first shirt and send an image of the shirt for your approval before going into bulk production. The shirts are fully custom so they are made from scratch.
  4. We deliver the shirts right to your door.
    Once the shirts are finished we pack the shirts up and deliver them wherever you like. They arrive ready to wear and always look amazing. Ideal for summer love!
Image of a Candy Crush Hawaiian Shirt

Custom Hawaiian Shirts

What is a Hawaiian Shirt?

Aloha / Custom shirts are fun shirts, usually with a fun floral pattern. Usually worn untucked, they have are often worn in the Summer and are even worn for business meetings. Suitable for all genders. OK, so that's the definition stuff - in reality they're just a great way to raise a smile. They're easy to wear and perfect as a swag gift ideal in a gift box and great for promotion. They're great for resale and perfect as a fun employee gift. Lots of our clients have used them for staff parties - virtual or in-person and they're worn again and again.

Do we have to have a floral pattern on the shirt?

Of course not, while traditional Hawaiian shirts do have a floral pattern, as your shirts are completely custom made you can choose any design, any colors. Our design team will be happy to help create something amazing or you can use your own designer no problem. You can get the Hawaiian shirts fully branded and we've done some amazing things with designs. We love incorporating logos, brand colors and other fun stuff - we match to pantones. The shirts look and feel amazing and you have full design flexibility.

Can I choose different sizes for the shirts?

Yes. The minimum order quantity is just 50 and you can choose your sizes. You can mix your sizes you'd like. Depending on who the shirts are for, we're happy to provide some advice as to how to mix the sizes - we have years of experience making original stuff for various brands and we know what works best. We can also help with pre-orders if you'd like to ask your team.

What do people use the Hawaiian shirts for?

Hawaiian shirts are one of the fastest growing merch items in the world right now and our customers are creating unique branded shirts for resale, staff gifts, influencer gifts, staff uniforms, PR campaigns and competitions. Totally unique and very shareable. If you have a strong brand, our Aloha shirts will be a huge hit. We've seen them go viral in any number of locations and they're a particularly fun gift. If sending to work from home teams they're an amazing gift to receive in the mail. Retail is a huge growth area and our customers usually sell out very fast.

How long does it take to make them?

Usually about 30 days and then some time for delivery. We have multiple delivery options. Every Hawaiian shirt is made from scratch for you which means you can choose any colors and any design. We have a huge amount of experience making shirts, sweaters and other stuff for major brands and campaigns.

This means we make stuff more efficiently and reliably than anyone else in the world. If you need the shirts for an event or a specific date just let us know and we'd be delighted to help work out when the order will need to be confirmed by.

What fabric are they made from?

We're thrilled to say that we use recycled polyester. The fabric feels fantastic and is light and breathable - super comfy and easy to care for. As we're passionate about sustainability, everything we make is likely to be loved and should last some time so won't end up in the garbage. While we try our best to use the best fabrics, we don't compromise on the quality of the product - it's hugely important that the shirts look and feel amazing.

These shirts meet all our quality standards and look out of this world.

If you would prefer to create cotton Hawaiian shirts, we would of course be happy to help. We also make rayon Hawaiian shirts.  

Can I get my own branded label on the Hawaiian shirt?

Yes, absolutely. Everything we make can be fully branded. That means we can even put your label on the shirt - like everything else, we make the labels from scratch. So you can have your logo on the label, any colors, styles, messaging etc. If you don't want our name anywhere, that's absolutely no problem. We're making your shirts and we want to make sure they look and feel great for you.

Am I guaranteed laughs if I wear it?

Always. If they're not laughing, you're in the wrong crowd.

Can I add a patch to the Hawaiian shirt?

Absolutely. Your shirts are being made for you so you can add what you like. We make lots of different styles of patches which you can incorporate on the shirt. Remember though, we can also just include your logo and branding right on the shirt. If you've got a specific style in mind, just let us know and we'll be very happy to help. We have an amazing design team who can create completely original designs.

What do you mean by sustainable?

Roody makes sustainable swag. That means, we look at every single part of the development and manufacturing process to make your swag as sustainable as possible. Our first principle is that the product itself should be great. We design and create amazing shirts that incorporate your brand and are LOVED by whoever gets the product.

We use sustainable fabrics where possible and, time permitting, we use the most sustainable methods of transport. Sustainability is tricky and is a process, we consider each of the elements in the process and we're always checking to see are there any areas where we can improve. Oh yeah, we also plant one tree for every item we make. Every single shirt.

How do I design my own floral shirt print?

If you have your own designer or are a designer yourself, we have handy templates that we can share. There are so many options when it comes to creating your own branded Hawaiian shirts - you can use any colors and any design. This includes the collars, the short sleeves, the front and back of the shirt. We use pantones so your shirt colors should be exactly how you want them.

Most of our clients go for some sort of floral print but the options are endless. If you need help with design we have a full design team that will be happy to help create something totally unique.



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