Should a Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater be Tacky?

Ugly christmas sweaters are known for their novelty and "tacky" factor so should a custom one be tacky? The great thing about the custom ugly christmas sweaters as they can be exactly whatever way you want them to be! Why go Tacky? Everyone likes the feeling of nostalgia and tacky sweaters really have that impact because that's what people remember them like. They remember the Bill Cosby days-the made prints and daring colors. That said though, they also remember Bridget Jones and the fantastic Mr Darcy in his reindeer sweater so there are different perceptions. If a tacky one is..  - Read More

How to Create a Custom Ugly Sweater with a Turkey Design

There are certain symbols that people associate with christmas such as Santa, snowflakes and a snowman. But there's only really one that stays in the mind of people when they think about christmas dinner and that is turkey. So by incorporating a turkey into your custom ugly sweater design, you'll instantly not only create that christmas feeling but also a nice warm feeling (is wishing it was christmas just so can have christmas dinner). If you're creating a custom ugly sweater with a turkey design here are a few tips: Make the Turkey the talking point Like with any symbols,..  - Read More

Custom Ugly Sweaters with a Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving themed custom ugly sweaters are great for marketing campaigns around the Thanksgiving period. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're opting for a Thanksgiving theme: 1. Incorporate a Turkey The one thing that will give that instant Thanksgiving vibe is a turkey on the sweater. If you want to just use a turkey and no other symbols, then you can opt for a large turkey design on the front and middle of the sweater or opt for a turkey body (and leave it below the neckline so that when the sweater is worn the head..  - Read More

Making Custom Ugly Sweaters with Two Colors

As custom ugly christmas sweaters are often made for something like a marketing campaign, there may be a need to use just two colors. This concerns people as they fear that their sweaters won't have the impact needed, yet if more colors are used it may not be in line with the brand and may lose focus which will distract from the campaign. Two colors work! There's no need to worry but there are a few things to keep in mind. Pick the strongest color as the solid This means that the color of the actual sweater should be the..  - Read More

Celebs who love Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Celebrities are the latest to get in on the ugly christmas sweater trend and you'll spot celebs not only sporting one christmas sweater during the Holiday period but often two and three! If you want to create a custom ugly christmas sweater based on some celeb looks , take a look at these celebs who love ugly sweaters and take inspiration from their looks! Bill Cosby Bill Cosby must be the celeb who loves ugly sweaters the most. He wore them for years, long before they hit the high street. The inspiration we can take from Bill Cosy's christmas sweaters..  - Read More

Using Custom Ugly Sweaters on Social Media

Custom Ugly Sweaters are used for a variety of reasons-gifts, private label, incentives, promotion, marketing and various other campaigns. If the sole reason is to use them for a campaign that's social media based, here are a few things to keep in mind. Color Color Color We cannot stress how important it is to select a color that will work well on social media. Think of all the images, shares-what color will truly pop? What color will be noticed? This isn't as simple as selecting a festive bright color like red, it's about selecting the right shade of red. Some..  - Read More