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Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater

Create knitted, completely custom ugly sweaters for your brand. This is the perfect merch for your team - ideal for resale, promotions, marketing, gifts and all round fun!

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Start creating your custom ugly sweaters today. Minimum order is just 100!

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Fast Production, Fully Knitted

You can create your very own custom ugly Christmas sweaters.  Knitted from scratch, the design can go anywhere on the front, back and sleeves. 

  • Super fast, 30 day production (express orders also available)!
  • A skilled team to help create your design!
  • Super soft, amazing quality!
  • Sustainable, long-lasting fabrics!
  • Minimum order of just 100 sweaters!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I send through a design I'd like to get made?

Of course. If you've got something in mind to make your custom ugly sweaters stand out, just let us know so we can take a look and get started on it for you.

Can you help with design?

Of course. We have a skilled creative team that would be more than happy to help with your design, incorporating any logos, colors or imagery you feel would make your knitted sweaters the best they can be. We also have a standard template available if you would prefer to do it within your own team. We will accomodate whatever works best for you!

Can I speak to someone about my sweater?

Absolutely. Every customer is assigned an account manager and they'll be fully available throughout the process. During business hours, you can always expect to hear back on any query in under an hour!

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is just 100 custom ugly sweaters. Typically minimum order quantities are in the thousands but we've setup our factory to ensure you can order smaller quantities. The typical order we receive is from 250-500 ugly sweaters but we've also taken much larger orders.

Are there any hidden costs?

None! We'll give you the full price up front, including both taxing and shipping right to your door!

What material do you use?

All our custom ugly sweaters are either super soft acrylic or an acrylic blend (85% super soft acrylic, 15% wool), all tested against a variety of other fabrics to ensure that these are the best quality option for our products. Every one of our sweaters is extremely soft and doesn't itch - a top quality product!

How fast can I get them?

Fast. The sweaters are knitted from scratch so there is some handiwork involved, yet our typical production time is just 30 days. We can even offer offer rush orders on request, so if you let us know when you need them for, we'll be able to confirm if we can meet your date. In the rare cases that we can't, we'll tell you.

Can I get my own labels?

No problem - we can make and include your logo on the label of each ugly sweater.

Are there any design restrictions?

The design can go anywhere so you can use the front, back and sleeves.  You can use any colors you like with a maximum of 6 colors per design.  The cuffs, collars and hem need to be a solid color, but other than that you have total freedom to create only the most amazing designs!

Sustainability Creds


Waste / Landfill

Almost all merch ends up in landfill without being used.  Not these ugly sweaters - these unique pieces of artwork are loved by all.  Creating a unique sweater that's loved and re-worn over and over again is our aim.  We love watching social to see how your pieces of art end up.  We've been making sweaters for for over 10 years and we know how to make them last.


We use 100% acrylic yarn to make the sweaters. The sweaters are soft and durable and wear and wash well.  Acryclic is not the most sustainable fabric in the world but right now, it's the most suitable fabric in the market.

Work Conditions

We have been working with a select group of production partners for years now, and they are truly amazing.  The work conditions for staff are absolutely excellent - our production partners are audited independently and we also visit the factories periodically to check for ourselves.  We take care to never work with cheap, dangerous, expolitative production partners.

Tree Planting

Of course, we also plant a tree for every item we make.



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One tree planted for every item

We make it easier to choose sustainable options for your swag. You can create amazing merch your team will love (and share). And for every item you make, one tree will be planted in areas where they need them most.


trees planted

Create your very own custom Christmas sweaters for 2021

Each sweater is knitted from scratch - you can design your own or we can help with design.  Swag has never been more important for brands - creating fun products that your fans, customers and team love is what it's all about. It's not enough to just print on a cheap t-shirt - you can create amazing products from scratch.

Your merch will be made with the exact colors you want - any color, any design.  The process is super easy.

Roody has been creating awesome branded custom ugly sweaters, custom beanies and custom socks since 2015 for companies like Facebook, Twitter, Budweiser, Warner Brothers, iHop, etc.  The minimum number of custom Christmas sweaters you can order is just 100 units you can create the most amazing gift for your customers, fans and staff.  You can choose any colors you like and your design can go anywhere - on the front, back and sleeves.

Create your own Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters to sell

Ugly sweaters are very popular and sell fast.  If you have a following for your brand (big or small), why not add some custom ugly Christmas sweaters to your website?  Other brands selling custom ugly Christmas sweaters include breweries, influencers, charities and brands.

It's easy to design your own custom ugly Christmas sweaters - you can use any colors you like and the design will be knitted on the front, back and sleeves.  The quality of your sweaters is amazing and they sell fast.  If you'd like any assistance with design, we are more than happy to help.

How to create your own Custom Ugly Sweaters

It has never been so easy to create your own custom ugly sweater for your brand.  You can try our Ugly Sweater Generator or we can help with design.  With a very low minimum order quantity (just 100), you can order fully customized sweaters.  Every part of the sweater is knitted from scratch - you can choose any colors or any design.

Choose a custom ugly sweater or type of sweater you like.  There are lots of examples in our ugly Christmas Sweater gallery.

Just contact us with some details about the project and any ideas you have for creating your own custom ugly sweater.  If you have a designer we can send you a template or if you prefer, our ugly sweater design team can help create an amazing design.

Once you're happy with design we knit your custom ugly sweater sample and send you some pictures for your approval.  Once approved, we then go into production and your sweaters are knitted from scratch.

The sweaters are delivered to you.  We deliver worldwide.

Our story

We started designing and making custom ugly sweaters way back in 2009.  We started making Christmas sweaters and selling them directly to customers.  We had customers in over 30 countries and our sweaters sold out fast every year.

Some brands approached us and asked us if we could help design and make custom ugly sweaters.  The sweaters we made for these brands went crazy viral.  Customers came back time and time again.  As the business grew, we decided to focus completely on custom ugly Christmas sweaters and formed Roody Originals in 2015. 

Previously it had been impossible to create custom ugly Christmas sweaters - minimum orders were in excess of 1,000 units and delivery timelines were 3-4 months.  Timelines were loose and the design process was a big problem.  We redesigned the entire process and now create amazing custom ugly Christmas sweaters from scratch in low minimums (just 100) and fast timelines for delivery.

In 2018, we set the objective of planting 1 million trees by 2023.  We are committed to plant one tree for every item we make.  It's now our core mission to get these trees planted and we'll do anything we can to get these trees planted.  Roody Originals helps brands create something different.  Something that engages fans and influencers.  Something that creates a buzz.

Hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts are fine.  That's not what we do.  We've never been excited about any of these.  We're unlikely to try it on, take a picture and share it.  We're unlikely to connect with it.  Knitted custom ugly Christmas sweaters are different.  They create an impact.  Fans and influencers remember them. Love them.  Share them.  The quality of the product is important.  They're difficult to make so Minimum Order Quantities tend to be high (ours is just 100).  

We've worked with lots and lots of huge (and smaller) brands creating thousands and thousands of sweaters each year.   

Our Ethos

  • An amazing product, always - we don't mess around on this
  • No ridiculous Minimum Order Quantities (just 100)
  • Unbelievable Value vs Impact 
  • Great customer service (we respond to all mails and deliver on time)

About our Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters

  • We create great custom sweaters in all types of materials - our view is that super soft acrylic make the best sweaters but we're happy to work with other fabrics
  • Your sweater is associated with your brand – we take this incredibly seriously
  • If you need help, we’ve an amazing team of designers that can do pretty much anything with a sweater
  • We have strong quality control checks at every point along the way and check with you if we’re not sure about something
  • Over the years we’ve created tens of thousands of sweaters and we’ve received every kind of ask – we’d be delighted to help in any way we can.