Sell Custom Sweaters

Do you have a loyal fanbase on your YouTube channel?  

Do you have a famous dog? A celebrity cat? 

Do you run a club, fraternity, sorority, society or charity and want to make some additional money?

Do you need a sweater manufacturer or a sweater factory?

We can help you make awesome knitted sweaters that sell fast.  Create a design and share it with your community.  Take some pre-orders.  We'd be delighted to help.

Our sweaters are made from scratch to your exact specifications and sizes.  Our minimum order quantity is just 100 with a typical order being 250 awesome sweaters.

We make super soft knitted sweaters that look and feel amazing.

Typically, knitted sweaters sell out fast.  A higher quality completely unique product gets fans excited.  The margins are great and increase as volumes increase (over 50% if you sell at $69).  

Want to know more and get pricing?