Questions About Custom Socks


Once I've ordered, how does the design process work?

Once you order, we'll be in touch super fast to help with design.  We've amazing designers so we'll work with you to create something brilliant that you'll love.

If I don't like the design you create can I change it?

Of course, we're happy to work with you until the design is right!

Can I use my own design?

Absolutely, just send it on ( and we'll be happy to use it.

I have a designer but I need a template, can you help?

No problem, just drop us a note (info@roodyoriginals.comand we'll send you a design template.

Can I make custom labels?

Yes, the price includes custom labels.  We're happy to follow instructions to create something you'll love.

Will I see a sample before I go into production?

Absolutely - we send an image of the first socks before we move to production.

When will I receive my order?

Standard production time is 30 days and shipping is 4-5 days.  If you need them for a specific time or event, please let us know and we can confirm whether it's possible or not.

What is your returns policy?

So these socks are custom made for you - your colors, logo, labels etc.  We request your approval on design before we make the first pair of socks and then a further approval after the first socks are made.  As with every custom manufacturer, we can't accept returns on products we've made for you.  Almost all of our customers come back again though so we've never really had an issue with returns.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order is 100 pairs of socks.  Our most common order is 250 pairs of socks.

What size are the socks?

Our standard sizes are Unisex US7-11.  If there are specific sizes you'd like, we're happy to make them for you.

Do you offer rush orders?

It just depends on the time - usually we can accomodate rush orders.  If it's urgent, just send us an e-mail at - we always respond fast.

Are there any other charges (customs, etc.)?

No, we deliver worldwide.  Shipping and customs are included.

Got another question?  Just send us an e-mail to