How It Works



Creating your own custom branded sweater is easier than you think!

We make completely custom sweaters and hats, knitted from scratch. We plant one tree for every item we make. So here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Design

Design your sweater or hat. If you have a design, that’s awesome - just send it to us in whatever format you have it - we love pdf !

If you don't have a design, that's no problem. Try out our Design Tool.

Or, if you prefer, we can help with the design - just send us a message with some details. Somebody usually responds super fast. We reply to all emails so please make sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case!

Remember, because everything is made from scratch, you can do amazing things with the design - feel free to put your design on the front, back and sleeves. If you’re unsure about anything - just pop us a quick email and ask.

Step 2 - Knitting

We take your design and make your awesome sweater or hat. Once we’ve finalized colors, sizes, designs etc., we make your first sweater or hat and send you a picture.

Once you approve, we go into production. For rush orders (orders where you need sweaters/hat by a definite date/as soon as possible), we do not share a sample image with you. Instead we go straight into bulk production and will follow the design as closely as knitting allows. 

Step 3 – Delivery

We deliver the sweaters worldwide. So no matter where you are or where your warehouse is, we will get the sweaters and hats to you.  People get very excited when they arrive!

We plant a tree for every item you ordered on your behalf.

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