Funny Gifts for a Corporate Event

I've been to hundreds of corporate events - the typical gifts I've received a cheap notepad and pen, USB key (when is the last time anybody used a USB key?), cheap t-shirt with a generic logo, cheap cap.  All of it has ended up in the garbage.

The aim with any corporate gift is to enhance the brand.  Create something fun, memorable and maybe even shareable.

1. Custom Ugly Sweaters

OK, so ugly sweaters are for a specific time of year but quite a lot of Corporate events take place during the holidays and no matter the occasion, the reaction is similar - something like - "what the hell is this?".  

Ugly Sweaters are a new and different way for people to engage with your brand.  People love getting an ugly sweater and they almost never end up in the garbage.  Everyone has at least one party where an ugly sweater is the required attire and an unusual sweater is always much sought after.

The cool thing with custom ugly sweaters is that they can be any color, any design so really link perfectly with the conference / brand.

Ugly sweater for Gain

If you need any help making some custom ugly sweaters, our team are always available.

More details on how you can create a custom ugly sweater

2. Custom Novelty Socks

Novelty socks are a low-cost gift funny gift for a corporate event.  Creating something unusual and quirky but usable is the aim and socks are a great talking point for an event.  

A big advantage of custom novelty socks is the packaging.  You can create a nice message on the label, something unique or funny about the event without being too "in your face".

Image of Sock for St Patricks Day

Image of Unicorn Sock

Novelty socks are fast to create and can be made in any color with any design.  Totally unique to your event.

If you need any help making some custom novelty socks, our team are always available.  

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3. Custom Beanies

Beanies are everywhere at the moment.  People quite often get cheap beanies with just a brand name or event name embroidered on the front.  Nobody wears this again.  It ends up in the garbage.  With custom beanies, it's now possible create something completely custom, made from scratch.  This means you can use your colors and design.

It's important that whatever you make is loved and used.  If you make the right beanies, they're a perfect fit, typically worn frequently.  

Image of a custom beanie

If you need any help making some custom novelty socks, our team are always available.  

More details on how you can create a custom beanies