Customized Ugly Sweaters

Looking for some awesome customized ugly sweaters for a campaign in 2016?  

Funny ugly sweaters are the most sought after, most talked about, most shared, most fun holiday gift available anywhere.  Recently, the classic 80's cheesy sweaters have come back around and the response has been incredible.  Friends and colleagues search everywhere to find the best most ridiculous ugly sweater possible.

We've been designing and creating our own ugly sweaters since 2009.  Not the terrible cheap sweatshirts with prints but classic cheesy sweaters fully knitted.  

When we started it was incredibly difficult to get an awesome ugly sweater.  We started small and grew really fast.  In our fist year, we sold out in November and we've been growing quickly since then  High quality, amazing designs, much loved sweaters are more popular then ever.

Over the years, lots and lots of big (and small) brands have approached us and asked us to help create some awesome customized sweaters.  We've made branded sweaters for everything from major marketing campaigns to movie promotions, fun novelty gifts for customers to staff parties and events.  The response has been consistent. Amazing!

The challenge has always been to create an amazing custom sweater in a relatively low quantity.  Most factories require a minimum order of between 500 and 1,000.  You've no idea if they can do them to the quality you require and it always always takes longer than they say.

Roody Originals is different.  We've taken our experience making tens of thousands of amazing ugly sweaters and taken the hassle and risk out.  We make the sweaters.  From design to delivery to your door, we do the lot.  Our factory is amazing - set up to deliver exactly what you want, even in the busy season.

Our minimum order quantity is just 100 - our most popular order is 250 units and most people reorder once they've received them.  

Just to explain a little - 100 is a ridiculously low minimum order quantity - the sweaters are completely bespoke knitted to your exact specifications on the front, back and sleeves (in various sizes if you like).  It's like fully knitted, as your grandmother would do if she was an amazing super fast knitter.  What's more, prices start at just $39 per unit for 100.

The process works like this...

1. You send us the design of your sweater

2. We help work through the refinements with you

3. We work out a delivery time for you

4. We send you a picture of the first one we make just to make sure it's exactly what you've asked for

5. We deliver on the date

Just take a look at some of our previous work and make sure to get in touch - we always come back within 24 hours but it's usually only an hour or two.

Just click the Get Started link to get in touch.