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Create your own range of fully knitted custom ugly sweaters for your fans, team or customers.

  • Fastest fully knitted sweaters
  • We can help with Design
  • We respond to emails FAST
Quantity Price / unit

100-249 (min is 100)








How it works

  1. Send us some basic details.
  2. We create a design for you (or you can send us a design).
  3. We create the first sweater for your approval.
  4. We deliver the sweaters right to your door.
Twitter Ugly Sweater
Parks and Rec Ugly Sweater
Nextiva Ugly Sweater
Hershey Ugly Sweater

About your Custom Christmas Sweaters

  • We make it easy - we even help with design.
  • Made from scratch, exactly how you want them.
  • Low minimum order quantity (just 100).
  • Fast production.
  • Huge capacity - up to 100k units per month.
  • Delivered worldwide, right to your door.
  • One tree planted for every item we make.
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Custom Christmas Sweaters

You can make the most amazing custom Christmas sweaters - knitted from scratch. Your sweaters can be any color, any design - the design can go anywhere (front, back, sleeves, etc.).

Custom Christmas Sweaters are ideal for the events, staff gifts, PR campaigns, social media campaigns etc. Totally unique and very shareable.

The custom Christmas sweaters are amazing quality, nice and chunky. The sweaters are made on the most advanced machines in the world which means the detail captured is incredible. You can mix your sizes (small, medium, large, XL, etc.). Most customers order again once they see the quality of the sweaters.

Generally, exec's love seeing something different and it's pretty standard that the second order is for the senior management tea,. If you'd like to create some amazing custom Christmas sweaters, we'd be thrilled to help.

Spongebob Christmas Sweater

Create the best memories for your team this Season

Every sweater is knitted from scratch - for you! Not just printed on, knitted for you. If you're having an ugly sweater party, looking to kick off a big promotion or resell your sweaters, completely custom ugly sweaters are completely unique.

Why not make 2020 the best year ever and make custom ugly sweaters that are the most memorable swag you have ever seen.


SWAG that goes viral

There has never been SWAG like custom Christmas sweaters. They are the most viral, most loved, most fun gifts available anywhere. Every year, we get a consistent stream of customers asking for a second run of the most loved sweaters.  

Ideal for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube - you can set your brand alight by joining the biggest brands in the world and creating completely unique merch.


Image of a custom label on an ugly sweater

Custom Labels

You can create completely custom labels for your custom sweaters. Just send us your logo and any messaging you would like to incorporate and we would be thrilled to design a completely custom logo for you.

Like everything else - you can use any colors, any design.


Make the 2020 Holiday Season your best one yet!

Custom Ugly Christmas have never been easier to make. Every year we work with big and small brands from around the world. If you would like to create something totally original for this holiday season, our team will be thrilled to help.

Delight your fans, customers and employees in 2020!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by custom knitted sweater?

When we say custom knitted sweater we mean a sweater that has been knitted for you with your design. Sweatshirts can look a little tacky but a nice knitted sweater really creates the wow factor.

Can I send through a design I'd like to get made?

Of course. If you've got something in mind just let us know and we'll take a look and get started on it for you.

Can you help with design?

Of course. We have a design team that would be more than happy to help with design. We also have a standard template available if you would prefer to do it within your own team. Our team will be happy to explain what works best.

What if I don't like the sweater?

This doesn't happen - we have been making sweaters for a long time and our customers are always thrilled with the final product. Once we get your design we take a look - our knitting machines are highly advanced allowing us to double check that we can get all the detail done. We then run off the first sweater and send you a picture for approval - we don't go to production until you're 100% happy.

Can I speak to someone about my sweater?

Absolutely. Every customer is assigned an account manager and they'll be fully available throughout the process.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is just 100. Typically minimum order quantities are in the thousands but we've setup our factory to ensure you can order smaller quantities. The typical order we receive is from 250-500 ugly sweaters but we've also taken much larger orders.

Are there any hidden costs?

We'll give you the full price up front and that will include taxes and shipping to your door so it'll be very clear.

What material do you use?

All our sweaters are either super soft acrylic or an acrylic blend (85% super soft acrylic, 15% wool). The sweaters are very soft - a really good quality product.

How fast can I get them?

Fast. The sweaters are knitted from scratch so there is some work involved. Typical production time is 30 days. We do offer rush orders so if you let us know when you need them for, we'll be able to confirm if we can meet your date. If we can't, we'll tell you.



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