Custom Sweaters - Printing Sucks!

Printing sucks!

A cheap, terrible quality printed t-shirt or hoodie really reflects badly on your brand.  

Don't do it!  You will disappoint your customer.

Creating a completely original sweater from scratch is now really straight forward. Sweaters are knitted from scratch using the exact colors you want to your exact specifications.  

  • Want text on the back and an image on the front?  
  • Want a special design on the sleeves?
  • Want different color sleeves?
  • Want specific pattern all over the sweater (not just an A4 square on the front)?

No problem.

Previously, making sweaters was a slow and difficult process - you needed a minimum order of about 1,000 per size and the knitting process took about 3 months.  We've moved forward.

Now, thanks to the amazing machines we use you can order as little as 100 sweaters. Production time of the sweaters is down to less than 30 days (this includes dying yarn and making the sample sweater).

The product is amazing and is delivered to your door!

What's more amazing is the price - for larger volumes sweaters are about $25 per unit with 100 sweaters costing less than $40 per unit.  That's beautiful soft sweaters, knitted from scratch.