Create and Sell Custom Hawaiian Shirts

Custom Hawaiian Shirts is the big selling merch item for 2021.

Hawaiian shirts have been growing crazy fast and are perfect for adding a little fun to your brand.

Image of a Custom Hawaiian Shirt

Ideal for promotions over the Summer and look great on retail staff in-store

  • Fully branded and labelled
  • Any design you like
  • Wash and wear 
  • Sustainable fabric - recycled polyester

What are the margins on selling Hawaiian Shirts?

The margins are very strong on selling Hawaiian shirts.  As quantities increases, margins improve.  Depending on the brand RRP's range from $45 to $59.  Suggested retail pricing based on the area you're in is listed below:

 Units 100 250 500 1000 5000
Price/unit 30 28


How does the design process work?

You can choose any colors, any design.  There is no color limitation and you can choose your exact pantones.  If you need any help with design, our designers are always available to help put your brand on amazing shirts.

What are the timelines for delivery?

For re-sellers and merchandise managers, total time is 60 days delivered to your door.  These custom Hawaiian shirts for re-sale will be a hit for Spring / Summer this year as folks get out to party. 

How do you merchandise and market your Hawaiian shirts?

Each Hawaiian shirt comes in a recycled bag. 

For in-store promotion, we suggest hanging the Hawaiian shirts in a highly visible location.  They're really striking and look great.  They're also ideal for in-store staff,

For e-commerce sales, we can help provide some images and descriptions.  For customers that love your brand, these will be a must have.

Are they made from sustainable materials?

Yes, like all the Roody merch we do focus on sustainability.  The shirts are made from recycled polyester.