Create a Custom College Sweater for your Sorority or Fraternity

We've been making custom sweaters for sororities and fraternities.  You can create almost any design -  the sweaters are completely custom made from scratch.  Our specialist knitting machines knit each sweater to your exact specifications - whatever colors you need, however crazy the design, we can help.

So, here's the problem with t-shirts and sweatshirts

1. Unlike your sorority / fraternity, they're cheap and tacky

2.  When you get a printed t-shirt or sweatshirt you're limited to a really small area at the front / back - it's difficult to proudly display your colors.  

3. They're mass produced, available everywhere and look kind of terrible

On the other hand, Roody Originals creates awesome knitted sweaters:

So here's a bit about what we do....

We always wanted to create an amazing product.  Completely bespoke was the target but there were some significant challenges.  

1. Normally, when you try to create an amazing knitted product the minimum order quantities start at 500+.

2. It's impossible to find a reliable supplier you can trust.

So we started our own company - we focus exclusively on smaller orders.  With a minimum order of just 100 units and prices starting at just $35 for an amazing quality, super soft, fully bespoke product.  This means if you want 25 medium, 25 large and 50 XXL - no problem.

Our production time starts at just 45 days from sign-off to delivery and you'll be blown away by the product delivered.  Seriously.

If you've got an idea, we'd be delighted if you'd Get in Touch