Be Different this year


Light up your Facebook.  Create some noise in your store.  Delight your staff.  Create an original Ugly Sweater this year.

You won't believe the reaction to an amazing custom knitted ugly sweater

Other customers like Warner Brothers, iHop, Budweiser, Nandos, Subway, Nickelodeon and Hallmark have been amazed.

With budgets as low as $5k - you can create your best ever social media campaign.

When is the last time you spent $5k and you created an amazing reaction on social media?

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What we do

It's really really difficult to create something original.  We know - most companies resort to terrible t-shirts, cheap sweatshirts and printed hoodies.  Nobody cares.

We knit ugly sweaters from scratch.  We dye the yarn (whatever color you want) and we knit the sweaters on the most advanced knitting machines in the world.  The quality is amazing.

You can have whatever you want on the front, back and sleeves.

It typically takes 6 months.  Even in busy season, we can do 45 days.  Knitted from scratch. Completely original.

Minimum orders are typically over 1,000 units.  We do a ridiculously low minimum of 100. 

We ship right to your door and give you an all-in price.  For 100, you're typically talking about $4,500 all in including shipping.  Prices come down as volume increases (typical orders are 250).  

What you're getting is completely original - made for you.

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