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Sustainable Swag

Gobelet réutilisable

Créez des tasses amusantes et durables qui peuvent inclure n'importe quel message, n'importe quel design. Production rapide, qualité supérieure et quatorze couleurs de couvercle différentes au choix... vous ne quitterez jamais la maison sans un !

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for every item we make

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We tested 103 Reusable Cups and this was our favorite!

We tested 103 styles of reusable cup, and this was by far our favorite. Of those 103, 56 spilled when we tried to take a drink, and many more leaked due to fault seals. While many looked impressive, we went for the design that we felt would make for the best product on your end. Easy to use and nice to look at, this is the natural choice. 

  1. Lid screws on tight.
  2. No spills or leaks.
  3. Fits nicely in a cup holder.

We know this sounds a bit ridiculous on paper, but 98% of the available cup styles failed this test at one stage or another, so we took the time to ensure our cups could compete with the very best on the market. And with the added option to print any design you'd like on the shell of each cup, we knew we could make this the strongest option out there for all your cup-based needs!



Waste / Landfill

Almost all merch ends up in landfill without ever being used. Most reusable beakers (even the most expensive ones!) leak, spill and otherwise disappoint, especially over time. Our beakers look great, feel practical and are are extremely durable. This is a product you'll want to keep forever.


These beakers are made of a hard plastic. The plastic holds up very well - they're built to last.  Our own team were more than happy to take some of the beakers for themselves, and will readily confirm that each and every one of them can go the distance.

Tree Planting

Of course, we also plant a tree for every item we make.




Un arbre planté pour chaque article

Nous facilitons le choix d'options durables pour votre butin. Vous pouvez créer des produits étonnants que votre équipe adorera (et partagera). Et pour chaque article que vous fabriquez, un arbre sera planté dans les zones où ils en ont le plus besoin.


arbres plantés