Why a Custom Ugly Sweater will make your Corporate Event a Success

Why a Custom Ugly Sweater will make your Corporate Event a Success

September 30, 2016

We love making custom ugly sweaters for corporate events. Everyone absolutely loves receiving them at the event, share pictures, have fun and love to take them home to wear again. It's an unexpected gift and one that people actually value when they receive it. Why should you use a custom ugly sweater for a corporate event? The simple answer is-they will make your corporate event a success! Here's why:

The Gift that everyone Loves

Clients and attendees are used to receiving gifts at corporate events but with some exceptions, most are seem as promotional items and due to that the "gift" becomes "another pen" or another "printed tee". While an ugly sweater is a great promotional tool, people actually view it for what it is-a cool and fun gift. The sweaters are a premium blend and knitted so they feel super soft and luxurious. This instantly makes the receiver feel valued and they appreciate being given such a great quality item. Everyone also loves ugly christmas sweaters so by giving someone a custom ugly christmas sweaters, the receiver feels special. They know they are custom made and limited so only a small number of people have them.

Your event will be talked about

While everyone will be sharing stories of their sweaters, they'll also be sharing pictures and selfies. This will really get your event talked about. The great thing is that as they are premium and can be worn time and time again, they will be worn time and time again and therefore your event story will continue long after the actual event.

Brand Awareness

We mentioned above that the ugly sweaters are also used for promotion. Use your custom sweater for brand awareness. It's easy to add a logo or mascot etc. They can be given as gifts or worn by members of the team throughout the course of the event.

 This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands