What promotional products to use for 2019

March 25, 2019

The days of giving a free branded cheap pen, notebook, USB key or some other piece of plastic are long gone.  Promotional product agencies are lazy - they essentially take existing pieces of plastic and stick a cheap sticker on the front and call it custom.  This is not custom and your fans and customers don't want it.

We're in 2019 and you can now actually make real custom stuff.  Custom means made from scratch.  Any colors, any design, made for your brand.  Creating original stuff to actually delight your customers is now possible.

The "on-trend" products for 2019 are listed below:

1. Socks

2019 is absolutely the year of the sock!  Branded socks are "on-trend".  Creatives can run wild - any color, any design.  Socks are a low cost amazing way to delight fans.  One of the things I love most about branded socks is that you can include a more detailed message on the packaging.  A low cost, fun way of exciting fans.  For help making awesome socks check out our Custom Socks page.

Image of example sock

2. Hats / Beanies

Everybody loves a cheeky beanie - nice and warm, super snug and cozy.  Again, these are right on trend for 2019.  It's important though to create the right type of beanies - printing or embroidering onto a pre made cheap beanie won't cut it anymore.  it doesn't help you or your brand.  There's a huge opportunity to knit your hat from scratch - any color, any design.  You can even include your own label.  Minimum orders are as low as 100 - check out our Custom Hats page.

Image of cat hat

Image of label on cat hat


3. Custom Shirts

If you've got a little more budget, we're seeing a huge trend on shirts for 2019.  A fun novelty shirt is likely to be used over and over again and customers / fans go crazy for them.  Shirts come in a range of sizes.

Image of example shirt

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