What is a custom ugly sweater?

August 23, 2019

To answer this we need to start with what is an ugly sweater? An ugly sweater is an ugly christmas sweater. It is nearly always a crew neck sweater, although there have been some variations. It has a christmas theme and is thought of as being "ugly", that means essentially over the top. As fashion evolves, some look back on sweaters and declare them as "ugly." Really though, an ugly christmas sweater is not that. While it is true to say it is mostly a crew neck sweater, the designs now are simply amazing and knitting is so advanced that so much can be achieved so much so that "ugly christmas sweaters" are not featured in the likes of Ralph Lauren and Chanel. 

A custom ugly sweater is a sweater that has been custom made. So they are exclusive designs and sometimes made in very small runs as limited edition items. This makes them so unique and special. It is true to say that the look of the designs have changed dramatically over ten years. Some ten years ago, when we were making sweaters, the most popular thing was to have a large character on the front. After that, a step up was needed and that same character would become 3D , for example the snowman has a carrot as a nose and that carrot was 3D-amazing! Our 3D sweater was even featured on TV! After that, the next trend was lights. Now, it seems that everyone wants more from their design and with that, there is no need to disguise the designs with lights or 3D elements. The designs and knitwear patterns are outstanding quality so the sweaters themselves are actually desirable and while they are still fun like they once were, it is more than that-people really want to own, wear and keep a custom ugly sweater.


What makes a custom ugly sweater popular? 

First and foremost, the quality and style of the sweater needs to be premium. This is due to the fact that the custom part often features the identity or products of a brand or company and the custom ugly sweater needs to reflect that. Brands that bring out a yearly Holiday custom ugly sweater have fans waiting year after year for the latest release and design. They love them. People who love a certain brand will love when a brand has a custom ugly sweater but only if that custom ugly sweater reflects the brand so it should include :

-premium quality

-expert knitting

-fun design (and not offensive)

-brand colors

If you're ready to get started on a custom ugly sweater design or have your own design and want to order, please contact us here . 

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