Wearing Holiday Sweaters at the Office Party

May 10, 2019

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Time

It's that time of year again-the office christmas party. Gone are the days of thinking about what outfit to wear, now the decision is focused on one item-the ugly christmas sweater. So what holiday sweater should you wear to your christmas party?

Well, if you're one of the lucky employees that has a super awesome boss who gifted you a branded Holiday Sweater, then you're sorted! If not, then you will need to get thinking! Most offie parties now have an ugly sweater contest so if you want to be remembered and talked about for all the right reasons after the party-then make sure to win! Remember, it is great to have fun but this is your office party so choose wisely! Opt for colourful and something people can get involved with. 

Stand Out

Don't blend in! Everyone will be wearing an ugly christmas sweater so you'll need something custom. Opt for bright, fun and relevant. Is there a show you love? Incorporate that in some way. 


Live up to your Name
If you are know for something in the office, it is good to live up to that with your choice of ugly sweater. If you're known as the "water guy" add in some water elements or even attach some water bottles to your sweater. Be fun. Be creative. 

Don't fell under pressure to be on Trend

While designers bring out some awesome collections every season, don't feel the need to have to follow the trend when it comes to your ugly sweater. It is a personal choice and should be custom to you. Don't feel the need to include "floral" patterns if you don't want to. The theme of your sweater may be nostalgic and that's a lot more fun.  

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