Unique Trade Show Gifts

April 30, 2019

We provide unique gifts, ideal for conferences, exhibitions and events.

Trade Show Gifts

The purpose of a trade show is to demonstrate and discuss and showcase your brand/company/services etc. The mistake that many companies make is via their gifts. Companies put so much time and effort into their display, the stand, their presentations and their products yet often give cheap and printed mass produced goods to those visiting the stands. Not only does this let your brand/company down, it is also a waste of money in most cases and sadly ends up in the landfill. It is much more beneficial to put some thought into your Trade Show gift so that it is something that represents the quality of your brand and also something that the client will keep.

What Products will work?

Trade Shows vary but normally small gifts that are easy to carry work best and will make a huge impact. In that regard, custom socks are the ideal gift. Why? Custom Socks are fully custom and knit so the design itself is woven in to the sock. That means that nothing has been premade. Remember, if you want the sock to represent your brand, opt for a superior quality sock. If you opt for printed socks, then those socks are not fully custom. The sock is already made and the design is simply printed on. With fully custom made socks, you can choose any color you like and put the design anywhere on the sock-all over if required. You can even opt for a different color for the toe and heel. 

If you'd like to discuss making custom socks with us , please contact us here

We would love to hear from you and can't wait to bring your brand to life. Your socks can be worn by many people in many places. Imagine what that could do for your brand?

Be sure to choose brand colors, your logo and something quirky-why not even mix and match colors?


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