Ugly Sweaters - a custom promotional product that people actually want

May 31, 2019

We all get so many promotional items when we go to trade shows, exhibitions and events and the reality is that we don't want most of them and they either end up never being used or worse yet-in the trash. That's not sustainable and not only is it contributing to damaging the environment , it is a waste of time and money.

For things like trade shows and exhibitions, smaller items work better than ugly sweaters. It just isn't practical to hand out ugly sweater after ugly sweater at a trade show but that doesn't mean you can't opt for quality small products-our custom socks and custom beanies are ideal for this and as they are knitted and custom, you can use your company colors or logo and any design you like. 

Ugly Sweaters, when used as promotional products, are often used in different ways. They can be used as part of online campaigns and ground campaigns. For online campaigns, they can be used in marketing and then to include the audience , it is a great idea to have a limited number of them to use as a giveaway. Not only is it nice to get a gift but the client knows they are receiving a custom branded and limited item gift. They will love it. 

For ground campaigns, they can be used in your place of business. If used here, you may want some to use as giveaways or to sell them. If selling them, opt for custom labels and hang tags so that your clients will know sizes, prices , material etc. 

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