Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend

June 07, 2019

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are now very much a thing! So, how did that happen?

Now, you can get an ugly christmas sweater pretty much anywhere. However, that wasn't always the case and even if we look back to just a few years ago, it was pretty much impossible to get one. 

Ugly christmas sweaters in general go back a very long time but in fact, some that we look at and think "wow, that's an ugly sweater" wasn't actually a genuine ugly christmas sweater! It was just a sweater that was knitted that just happened to be not so appealing to the majority! But it's that very thing that makes an ugly sweater an ugly sweater. It's a pattern or design that hasn't been replicated everywhere. It is a unique and awesome pattern that is so different that it immediately stands out in any room, any country! 

Fans of ugly sweaters really thank The Cosby Show for making it cool and desirable to wear an ugly sweater-sweaters that were too big and had mismatched patterns. Wanting to wear an ugly sweater was almost like retaliation for being told by "fashionable people" that they were hideous and should never be seen or worn in public. How times have changed! Not only are ugly christmas sweaters on trend now, they are celebrated! There is an ugly sweater day and ugly christmas sweater parties and they have even been featured in Vogue! The most "fashionable" of people even want one.  That's where the custom ones came from. People aren't just happy now with a regular ugly christmas sweater, they want something that has their style and their stamp on it-a custom ugly christmas sweater. 

While ugly christmas sweaters are very much on trend and in fashion, the style varies hugely and the type of ugly christmas sweaters some love, others truly hate!

The most common style is by far the crew neck ugly christmas sweater. It is just perfect as it suits everyone but also there is enough space on the sweater for the design itself. It is like a blank canvas! Ugly christmas cardigans are also popular and very stylish! 

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