Top Gift Ideas for Christmas that your Employees will love!

November 17, 2020

2020 is a year for the books and if there is anything that helps perk it up slightly is the thought of the pending holiday season. Despite all the challenges and setbacks, the changing of the seasons, is the perfect time to show some love to the people that help keep it ticking along!

For HR professionals and Founders, the need to make all employees feel appreciated is greater than ever. A recent study indicates that over 42% of Americans are now working remotely, which may make it a little bit harder to spread some company love! But the need to make remote teams feel appreciated is greater than ever!

 That's why Roody Originals have come up with the perfect gift set, loaded with our favourite winter knitwear! Perfect gifts for the folks who are working at home and want to get comfy! Whether you plan to send out one custom-ugly sweater or a complete box of custom accessories, here is a great place to start planning your holiday appreciation gifts:

 Image of a Work from Home Giftset

You can create your very own WFH Gift Set full of Sustainable Swag for your team

Create something sustainable and special this holiday season.  You can create a completely customized work from home gift set that your team will love.   Your branded unique gifts are made from scratch, exactly how you want them.  We can even deliver the boxes to your WFH team if you like.  Some example items that can be included in your custom gift boxes are listed below.

Custom Ugly Sweaters To Keep Your Team Warm

Let’s start with our Custom Ugly Sweaters! Not only are they knitted from scratch (and very comfortable) but also you can fully customize them to your liking. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery which has some of our favourite sweaters that we’ve created!  You sweater can be in any color and can include your logo - we'll even make some custom labels.

Custom Socks to keep toes happy

Socks are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and there is no better gift to say ‘ you care’ than a pair of custom socks! We offer all sizes and you can be as creative as you want with limitless options to choose from! Simply provide us with a design you had in mind or let us help design! We've made a lot of socks over the years and they're made to last.

Beanie Season is back!

Looking to make a statement with your brand? Custom Beanies are the way to go – they’re flexible, fun and fashionable, and, as it turns out, easy to order and get them sent straight to your teams' front door! From pom-poms to knitted designs, they are a great gift option and your team will love them!

Custom Gift Boxes

You can customize everything, right down to the gift box.  We make fully sustainable, totally amazing gift boxes that can include any messaging you might like.  We'll even pick and pack your amazing swag and deliver to your team at a time that suit.

Work From Home Corporate Gifts

All our Work From Home gift sets are made-to-order with your brand and team in mind! The order process is simple! Just fill out the form, and a member of our team will get back to you lightning fast! Then all you have to do is send us your design, or if you need some help, our team of designers can whip up some samples of your masterpiece!

Also, we can deliver to individual addresses, so you don’t have to worry about shipping at all! We guarantee you will make someones holiday a special one with a Roody Work From Home Gift Set!


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