The Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend

September 30, 2016

The ugly christmas sweater trend has really grown in the last few years. A lot of people (even though they were around long before this) tend to associate the beginning of the trend with Cosby. He wore them on the show. They were also featured in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. However while there was some interest in them, it has really only been recent years that the market has become flooded with them.

Ugly sweaters can now be found pretty much everywhere. Before the fashion shops and high end retailers caught on, there were some cool little pop up shops. People opening shops seasonally with exclusive designs that were really cool. They were designed with the past in mind-some cool patterns etc. 

How have they Changed?

The ugly sweaters have changed massively. Aside from better machinery now, the workmanship is great and some truly amazing ugly sweaters can be created. The interesting thing about the sweaters is how they stay in line with trends-well at least the ones sold in fashion shops and high end retailers do. So you'll have aspects of the runway featured in the sweaters-anything from design to color. You will also see sweaters that take inspiration from movies-such as Home Alone (filthy animal) and Jurassic Park and movies that are new or about to be released-Star Wars etc. Anything that got a lot of attention in the media is generally made into a sweater. There were quite a few sweaters made featuring Kim Kardashian's infamous "Break the Internet" moment. Not doubt there'll be a sweater this year on the Taylor Swift feud!

More Adventurous

There was a time when ugly sweaters were one thing and one thing only-tacky. The more tinsel on the sweater, the better. Times have really changed though. Fantastic creations can be made from scratch and this has made people much more experimental. Some people aren't afraid to try new designs and new colors. A lot of the newer designs are very intricate in order to match marketing campaigns for the Holidays. Even some of the most intricate designs can be made.


It's not just ugly sweaters that have moved with the times, custom ones have too. Custom ugly christmas sweaters are used for marketing campaigns, client gifts, competitions etc. Companies aren't afraid to put their brand to a custom ugly christmas sweater. This is because the sweaters are premium so really add value to their brand.

This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands

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