Sweater Generator

Sweater Generator

September 03, 2018

Sweater Generator for Custom Ugly Sweaters

Why Should I use a Sweater Generator?

It is good to use a sweater generator and a customizer tool when planning a design. Sometimes you may have a great idea for a design that you think will look brilliant as a sweater but  later discover that in fact the design looks very different when made as a sweater. The sweater generator or customizer tool will solve this problem. You can instantly see how your design looks as a sweater and make necessary changes if needed.

Tips for Design

Think about a style you want first. There are so many different ways you can create a custom ugly sweater so it is important to be clear - are you looking for a simple design, maybe a message just in one area on the front so that everyone looks at that message instantly or are you looking for something that has lots of different little messages and you have to spend time exploring the sweater to find them? For this style, you can use every part of the sweater-all over! Front, back and sleeves!


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