Pantone Color of the Year

May 17, 2019

The pantone color of the year 2019 is Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral. The color has a coral hue with a golden undertone which makes the color soft to look at. It is a great choice and very much on trend. At a time where we all are seeking to try find ways to combat climate change and get rid of plastics from the ocean and look after the environment, it acts as a gentle reminder of the beauty that exists around us.

But , how does it work in custom apparel? 

Living Coral is a warm color and in stark contrast to Pantone 2018 ultra violet color. With a color like ultra violet and dark purples, they are often used in custom sweaters as the main color of the sweater. It is such a stand out color that other colors really aren't required. Living coral is different. When using it in custom sweaters and especially if in use for custom ugly sweaters, it would work best in the following ways:

1. Use it for the collars, cuffs and hem

2. Add turquoise to your color board-remember you can use six colors for the custom sweaters . The turquoise will work really well with living coral and the two will look fantastic together. A character design would look great with these colors-a mermaid ugly sweater would be an amazing design!

3. Incorporate it via stripes or via small dots throughout the sweater.


Custom Socks and Custom Hats

For the custom socks, living coral will look great as the main color of the socks if using white for the design or light colors. If you need strong colors for the custom socks, then we would recommend using it for the toe and heel part only. 

For the custom hats, we would recommend using it as the main color only if white or a light color is used for the design. Otherwise, we would use it for the pom part only.


Need help? No problem, please just contact us here and we will help with your custom apparel design! 

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