Making Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Giveaways

Making Custom Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Giveaways

September 30, 2016

Custom ugly christmas sweaters are a great idea for giveaways as because they are custom made, you can incorporate your brand into the design. Here are 3 basic things to think about for giveaways:

1. Go Standard and Order Early!

Don't get caught up in sizes. The great thing about ugly sweaters is that they can be worn a little loose. The most requested sizes are large and XL in unisex. That way you can focus on the actual giveaway and not what sizes are left etc. Order early to make sure you have the sweaters made and ready to be shipped to winners in time for the Holidays. Leave a bit of extra room for shipping!

2. Make it FUN

The design should be really fun! It's an ugly christmas sweater! They are really fun if they include something funny, some novelty aspect to it. That way it will get people talking, they'll look up your giveaway and everyone will want to take part. If a novelty theme doesn't work with your promotion, do something to show how exclusive the sweaters are. These custom ugly christmas sweaters are limited and exclusive so people always want what they can't have!

3. Think of the Photos!

As they are exclusive and limited, make sure to take awesome pictures! The sweaters are a premium quality. So people need to see how good they are. They will be very much in demand. Also think of the photos that the winners will take for social media-people love to share their winnings! So make sure the color of your sweater pops in the photos. Not sure what will pop? Just ask us at

This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands