Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater Online

July 26, 2019

Making an Ugly Christmas Sweater Online is easy!

There are many different ways to do this and we have spoken about some of the methods before. In this post, we will be looking at Making an Ugly Sweater Online - in photoshop

Now, making an ugly christmas sweater online does not require you to have that knitted look (how the finished product will look) as the process of knitting isn't like print. However, a lot of people want that knitted look especially if you're presenting it to a client or your boss or company and want to ensure they know exactly what the sweater will look like. 


Create three layers.

The first layer used can be for your artwork.

The second layer can be a solid color to help with interpretation and end result.

The third layer is for the knit pattern-to give that knitted look effect.

When the layers have been created-

Put your artwork here-any shapes, symbols , anything at all that you would like included on your ugly sweater. You can use the same color for all of the symbols. For example, have them all as white.

When this has been completed, add another layer under this layer. Merge the two layers together (use a different color for each layer) . 

At this stage you can pixelate your graphics.

To add the knit pattern, add the third layer over the merged layers . You can also add a knit pattern by dragging it over your design. So really you can design the sweater like a regular sweater and then add the knitted effect, the knitted pattern, at the end. 


It is of course easier to start the design if you have a .psd template, we can provide one to you or if you need help with your design, please just let us know. You can contact us here. 



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