Life of a Custom Sweater Supplier

May 24, 2019

What is it like to be a custom sweater supplier?

It's awesome! The most exciting thing for me is the design part and seeing how detailed the designs look on the knitted sweaters . When I started working in the custom sweater business (many years ago now), I could not even imagine that some truly detailed designs would ever be suitable to be knitted and to create amazing looking sweaters. I thought only print would be able to get the level of detail. I was wrong! Having now made thousands and thousands of sweaters, I know how great the knitting process is and why yarn and gauge are so important . 

What's the best part for you about being a custom sweater supplier?

For me, the best part about being a custom sweater supplier is when it comes to custom ugly sweaters. For that period, the designs are completely different. Clients love everything from fair isle or standard crew neck knits to really unusual and surprising designs. Every time a new design process starts, I have no idea what to expect-every design is so different and super fun and it is amazing to see it go from a design on a piece of paper to a real life finished custom ugly sweater that people absolutely love. It's such an exciting time of year and to see people who are really excited when they receive their custom ugly sweater is great!


What type of custom sweater do you like?

When it comes to custom ugly sweaters, I love when the designs are all over and I love repeated patterns. That being said, one of my all time best custom ugly sweaters involved a main image on the front. The reason I loved it so much was due to how the end result looked. The level of detail was unbelievable. So it really depends on the design and the colors are also really important too. 

Are all custom sweater suppliers the same?

No, unfortunately not. I have seen custom knitted sweaters that are super thin and badly and cheaply made. By being so thin, they may be cheaper cost wise but they are more like printed sweaters than custom knitted sweaters. It's important to look at sweaters a custom sweater supplier has made. If a custom sweater is too thin, it won't have that true knitted , super cozy feel. Like all products, quality is super important. 

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