Ideas for rewards for your kickstarter campaign

April 02, 2019

Creating funny novelty rewards is a key element of any kickstarter.  The backing of cash is important but it's more important to acquire fans that will buy again and again.

t-shirts and hats are a regular rewards on kickstarters but rarely excite.  We think you can do better, much much better.

Some of our ideas for rewards for your kickstarter campaigns are below.

1. Custom Socks

Custom socks fully branded with your message and logo are an awesome way to improve your connection with your fans.  They're fast and easy to make, low cost and inexpensive to post.  They're also highly shareable on social media with a nice excitement factor.  With a fast manufacture time, you can wait until your campaign is complete before going to production ensuring you don't have any waste.

We make custom socks, made from scratch - you can use any colors, any design.  We even make the labels.  Click on the link for more details on our Custom Socks.

Image of a custom sock - ideal for a kickstarter reward 

2. Custom Beanies

Everybody needs a new beanie in their life.  Beanies make awesome kickstarter rewards - again, relatively low cost and inexpensive to ship, beanies have the added advantage of being highly visible once the fan is wearing your awesome hat.

All our beanies are knitted from scratch - this means you can use any color, any design.  We even make your labels.  We can use your design or we can help with design - click on the link for more details on custom beanies as Kickstarter rewards

Image of a custom beanie - ideal for a kickstarter reward

Image of a custom beanie - beanie label

3. Custom Ugly Sweater

OK, so custom ugly sweaters are somewhat seasonal but they make a HUGE impact.  We've yet to find a garment that excites as much as an ugly sweater in terms of merch.  With the latest technology you can have any design on an ugly sweater - some of the stuff we've put in a fully knitted sweater is awesome.

For more details on creating custom ugly sweaters, check out our Ugly Sweater page

Image of an ugly sweater

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