How to Design an Ugly Sweater Online

June 28, 2019

Designing an Ugly Sweater online is easy!

1. Online Generator or Template

Online generators are great if you know exactly what sort of design you want and need to use standard vector artworks and graphics for the design. It is also ideal if you are looking for a standard sweater color. If you're looking to design a sweater, completely from scratch, then a template is the best way to design an ugly sweater online. Templates are editable and come in the shape of a sweater so all you need to do is focus on the design. If you would like one of our templates, free of charge, contact us here.

2. Cut of Sweater

Designing an ugly sweater online with a template will help you to get a truer sense of the how the actual sweater will look. Think about it-you probably have multiple sweaters in your closet purchased from all different retailers and the cut of each is different. Sometimes, for examples, the sleeves start at a different point. Therefore it is important to know how the actual sweater will look and templates are designed based on that. You will then be able to design your sweater and know that that is how the finished ugly sweater will look. 

3. Divide into Sections

Think of what sweater you want as a whole and then divide it into sections. Start with the front design, then the back and lastly the sleeves. 

4. Select Colors

When deciding on colors, decide on a color palette. You want all the colors to work together. So for example, you may want red as the main sweater color so you can include colors you want to work with that red like white , green, brown (for the reindeers etc). That way, when you have your palette, you can then look at what shades will work together. If you're using a vibrant red, then you should look for a strong christmas green so the green doesn't get lost. Also for designs like reindeers, you may start with a brown and work back to an almost beige/tan color as that may look best on the red.

5. Ugly Sweater Style

When you have chosen your color palette, decide on the ugly sweater style you are looking for. You may want a large design on the front (like a reindeer face) and then snowflakes all over front, back and sleeves or you may want repeated patterns -little lines of designs starting on the top going all the way to the bottom of the sweater and continued on to sleeves and back. 3 or 4 different lines are usually perfect and they can then be repeated for a second or third time. By selecting and deciding on the designs in the little icon rows to use, you can then make sure to place them in correct rows depending on what color you need. For example, if you want a row of white reindeers, a row of white snowflakes and green christmas trees, then it is best to put the christmas trees in between the two white rows so that the colors and designs don't get lost.

6. Design the Sweater based on how you want it to look

Once you have the correct sweater template you don't need to worry about things like dyelines. The sweaters are knitted not printed so that's not needed. Just design the sweater the way you want it to look when complete. 

7. Mix and match Collar, cuffs and hems colors

Finish the design by choosing a color for collar, cuffs and hems. They are normally the same color but sometimes they are mixed so just note that you can use any color. 

8. Submit Design

When finished submit your design here and we will get started on the rest!

We can't wait to see your design but if you have any queries re designing an ugly sweater online, please just let us know here! 





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