Designing an Ugly Sweater Online

July 05, 2019

DIY christmas ugly sweaters doesn't mean you have to spend hours making your own sweater by hand gluing on trinkets and bits and bobs from around the house. (Although if you do that, we would love to see some pictures!). DIY custom ugly sweaters also refers to designing your own ugly sweater online. We have another blog post on Designing an Ugly Sweaters online, you can check that out here if you need some tips. This blog is about the design itself.

The hardest part of designing the sweater is deciding on what design to opt for. Some people can't think of any design at all or even where to begin. Others have a completely different problem. They have multiple designs and don't know which one to choose. Even if a sample is made for each of the designs, it doesn't make it any easier to decide as the samples will look like the designs.

So here are some tips on the designs themselves.

1. First and foremost, it is vital the design should reflect the message you are trying to give customers/fans/clients/employees. It may be that you want your brand to stand out or to promote a new product or launch or a thank you to employees or fans or clients. So if it's something like branding, then it is vital your logo and/or colors are the main feature of the ugly sweater design.

2. Don't get caught up in the small things. Think of the sweater as a finished product and stand back from the design and think about it. You won't notice a tiny tiny icon on one part of the sweater, you'll notice the sweater as a whole sweater so think about the overall impact of the sweater design.

3. When designing an ugly sweater online, make sure you like how the sweater looks online as chances are the ugly sweater will be used for social media campaigns and will be sure to be shared by many online so think about if your sweater was your design, are you happy with it?

4. Don't opt for tiny intricate little icons. Opt for clear and easy to see icons as people will notice them immediately. For example, everyone loves a row of white reindeers.

5. Use festive colors for ugly christmas sweaters. If giving as gifts, red and green look amazing as ugly sweaters.

6. Use christmas icons. If it's an ugly christmas sweater, use christmas icons like snowflakes, reindeers, christmas parcels and so on. Sometimes, if you focus too heavily on your brand only, the sweater becomes an awesome looking custom branded sweater which is great if that's what you want but if you want an ugly christmas sweater then make sure to include the little icons as it will change the design from a branded sweater to an ugly sweater.

7. Complete your design online for the ugly sweaters by designing a custom Holiday label.

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