Custom Ugly Sweaters with Fireplace Design

Custom Ugly Sweaters with Fireplace Design

September 30, 2016

Over the last couple of years, we have had a few requests to incorporate a fireplace into a custom ugly christmas sweater design. A fireplace is something that a lot of people associate with christmas as it is a reminder of the warm time that it is for many families. It also has specific significance to christmas as it's generally the area where the christmas tree is put and many children leave little christmas stockings over the fireplace so it's easy to see why it's a requested symbol. Like snowflakes, trees and snowmen.

Here's some tips for incorporating a fireplace:

Keep the Design Simple!

The fireplace may be the main part of your design or a small part but either way keep the actual design simple. Add bricks and sticks but keep the focus on the flame-that's the part that will stand out. If it's a novelty one, make the flames light up or if you'd like something a little less high maintenance (ie a sweater that can be washed) have the flame knitted too as part of the design but choose a bright color for the flame.

Size Matters

Just because we think the design itself should be simple, that doesn't mean that the fireplace should be tiny and insignificant. We have seen some ugly sweaters with fireplaces and the fireplaces are so tiny that it takes a couple of minutes to figure out what it is. You need an instant impact. So make it a large fireplace and keep the flame really big and bright.

Customize your Fireplace

Now that you have a simple yet big fireplace, you may want something else added to the custom ugly christmas sweater. You may have other symbols that you want/need to add. In that event, why not add a card holder line above the fireplace. That way the design can include little christmas cards, stockings, tangled lights, swinging reindeers etc. 

This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands 

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