Custom Ugly Sweaters with a Company Design

When incorporating a company design into a custom ugly christmas sweater, this will inevitably include your logo. The logo can go anywhere on the sweater-front, back or sleeves. Here are some tips:

Adding Symbols

If there are certain symbols, characters needed for the custom ugly christmas sweater, then it's vital to make sure these work with your logo. Otherwise it will look like the logo is an add on which defeats the purpose of having a fully custom ugly christmas sweater made. You want the sweater to reflect the premium quality that it is but also the essence of your brand. You've worked hard to build your brand, make sure that's reflected in the sweater.

Position Wisely

The above applies also if you just add the logo somewhere obscure on the sweater. It will make it like an afterthought or it will look like the ugly sweater existed first and you've just added the logo in an attempt to "brand it". These sweaters are custom made for you and exclusive so make it something brilliant. The places that tend to work really well for logos is on the front , middle or back below the neckline. Other options that work well are bottom left above the hemline and the sleeve-the middle between the shoulder and elbow.


We can use any color you like so make sure to order your specific pantone colors. That way you won't just get a blue sweater, you'll get a custom and brand appropriate specific blue which keeps everything consistent with your brand.


This article was co-authored by Ross Culliton. Ross is the founder of Roody Originals, creators of original custom sweaters for brands