How to create your own Custom Ugly Sweaters

September 04, 2018

We're experts in making ugly Christmas sweaters.  Every year we get hundreds (maybe thousands) of queries asking us to make an individual custom sweater.

While we've low minimum order quantities (just 100), our business is more suitable for brands, charities, clubs etc.  We've been making ugly sweaters for almost 10 years and I've personally made hundreds by hand so I have quite a bit of experience.

Image of Chilly Willy Ugly sweater

I've made lots and lots of really bad sweaters but I've also made some pretty epic ones (if I do say so!).

My top 5 recommendations for making your own completely original, epic sweaters are below:

1. Always go knitted.  Always.  Don't go chunky knit - an acrylic or cotton sweater works best for sticking stuff to.

2. Everything works better with lights.  Cheap LED lights.  Lots of them.

3. The dollar store is your friend.  Tinsel, reindeers, you'd be surprised what you can find.

4. If, like me, you have zero ability to stitch, fabric glue is your friend.  I've bought over 50 different types of glues.  The best I've found is Gutermann HT2 Fabric Glue 

5. Velcro works. You can stick all sorts of stuff to sweaters with velcro.

Remember, there's no such thing as "too ugly"! Good luck!

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