Custom Ugly Christmas Sweater

August 02, 2019

Design your custom ugly christmas sweater now! 

Why buy a retail ugly christmas sweater when you can buy a custom ugly christmas sweater? By gifting the custom ugly christmas sweater, you are showing how much you think of the person receiving it. So much time and work goes into the design and then the making of the custom ugly christmas sweater. They are even finished by hand.

The most difficult part people have getting started in making a custom ugly christmas sweater is the design. Sometimes people have no ideas for the design and more often than not, there are too many ideas which makes it hard to get all those ideas merged together to create an awesome custom ugly christmas sweater design.  

The key word to focus on is the word custom. Think about how truly amazing that is. Custom. You can create something entirely unique and special, something original that nobody else has or will have. Not all custom places are the same. When making custom make sure you get a premium product. We have seen custom sweaters that are super thin and a little hard. Imagine the disappointment of that? Our custom sweaters are a premium blend so they are soft and cosy and nice and thick. As they are custom, you can opt for any color you like so select a color that is brand related or something a little different. 

Following Trends

When it comes to a custom ugly christmas sweater, you can either opt to follow trends and incorporate them into the design or not. The most important thing is to make sure it is a sweater that reflects your brand or company and that it can be worn again. While most people opt for new Holiday sweaters every year, the custom ugly christmas sweaters are a premium quality so you can wear them time and time again. Due to that you may want something that you can carry over after a certain fashion trend has long past. Things that generally never change are your brand colors and logo so you can incorporate them into your custom ugly christmas sweater knowing that they will never go out of fashion. Even if you do want to incorporate a fashion trend, that doesn't mean it can't be worn again. In fact, it will remind you of what year the Holiday sweater was made.

Adding the ugly into custom ugly christmas sweater

It is a question we get asked a lot-how do you make a custom ugly christmas sweater ugly? If you want a truly authentic ugly ugly sweater, then that doesn't mean that it has to be offensive or that you have to add tinsel. No, you can simply add some authentic christmas patterns-some of the small patterns (shapes and designs) can go between your own design-this will create a lot designs in one small space which makes it "ugly", as in "authentic". Think of bold patterns like Bill Cosby's ugly sweaters.


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