Custom Sweaters Rush Orders

May 24, 2019

We are all familiar with rush orders-pay extra and you'll receive the merch at an earlier date. But are rush orders right for your business?

There will always be a need for rush orders. Some companies , especially those not in retail, cannot plan merch too far in advance as promotions and product launches change and due to that, launch dates change too. That does not mean that every business should offer rush orders. It must be right for your business and must not damage your own business or brand. There are certain things that suppliers must offer-the most common are:

1. Delivering the goods on time

2. Competitive prices

3. Great quality

It is the job of the supplier to factor in any risks involved that may prevent this from happening. Due to that there are often many steps involved in the supply chain that the buyer is not even aware of. So when it comes to rush orders, it is up to the supplier to establish whether this is something they can offer. They must go through all the risks that can happen. If a supplier agrees to a rush order and does not deliver on time, then the customer loses all trust in the company. It is also extremely important that no steps are skipped in the normal process as this will have a negative impact on the business as a whole.

Are rush orders available for custom knitted sweaters?

No. When it comes to printed merch, many companies offer rush orders. Customers can pay extra and receive their merch at a much earlier date. That's not how it works when it comes to custom sweaters that have been knitted. This is the reason why:

The knitting process is completely different to print. With print, the item (for example sweater) has been made already and the custom part is the print that you opt for. So the sweater is ready to go which makes it super fast to print your design on to it and ship it to you for an earlier date. When it comes to fully custom sweaters, the process is very different. Nothing is premade. There is no sweater ready to go. The yarn itself is custom made depending on what color sweater you want and the design itself is knitted in. Due to this, it is imperative that a sample must be made first before bulk production begins. There are many steps in the knitting process , steps that cannot be skipped. That being said, there is no comparison between a printed sweater and a knitted sweater. The immediate noticeable difference is the quality. The custom knitted sweater is premium quality and is an item that can not only be worn time and time again but is also an item that people want to keep as they don't look cheap and they don't feel cheap. So, while it may be no problem for printing companies to offer rush orders, that is not the case for knitted custom sweaters - the processes (and also the end result) are completely different and cannot be compared. 

If you want to get started on a custom sweater order, contact us here. 



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