Custom Socks with Faces

May 03, 2019

The question as to whether custom socks can be made with faces comes up time and time again. We also get asked this a lot in relation to our sweaters. Both the sweaters and socks can have faces on them-we've made socks and sweaters with faces, dog socks and dog sweaters, cat socks and cat sweaters so whether you want your face, someone else's face , your dog's face or your cat's face, that's no problem. 

How to Design Socks with Faces

The custom socks we make here at Roody Originals are woven and not printed so due to that the design can go anywhere-there are no restrictions. The best way to design socks with faces is to have the faces repeated around the sock-this will have the biggest impact and looks amazing. Then go for a different color to the main sock for the toe, heel and top cuff part. 

I need Corporate Socks so what Face will I put on my Custom Socks?

It's always great to add a bit of fun to corporate socks and the possibilities are endless. Unless you're promoting something sports related, it is best to opt for dress socks. These are crew socks so one size generally fits all and they are soft and great quality so perfect to represent your brand.

As the custom socks are amazing giveaways for trade shows, conferences , events and as corporate gifts, it is a great idea to put the CEO of the company or the main person in charge of your team on the socks. It makes the event more fun, everyone can have a pair and the CEO will love it!

If your corporate socks are for something like promoting a product and your company has teamed up with a social media influencer or a big name as part of a campaign to promote and advertise the project, then it is a good idea to work on something fun together. By using the face of the big name or influencer, it will help to promote the product on a wide sale as not only will your brand's fans see and want the custom socks, the fans of the person you have collaborated with will also want a pair. We've made some amazing socks for TV personalities and the details the socks get is super! 



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