Custom Made Knit Sweaters

July 19, 2019

What is a custom made knit sweater?

Knitted sweaters are made from yarn (wool, cotton, acrylic or a blend of fabrics). Usually when you think of a knitted sweater you think of a grandmother carefully and slowly knitting an Aran sweater for some (un)lucky relative.  

It's now possible to make your own range of custom knit sweaters on super advanced knitting machines.  The quality is amazing and the sweaters look and feel fantastic - the level of detail that these machines can get to is simply mind blowing.

Is a custom made knit sweater different to a printed sweater?

So there's a huge difference between printing and knitting.  As the design is knitted in to the sweater, the actual sweater is made at the same time as the design.

A good way to tell if your sweater is custom and knitted is to turn it inside out-you will see the design has actually been knitted at the same time as the sweater. We have seen companies make the sweater first and add the design later. This is not a good approach as it cheapens the quality of the sweater. 

So a printed sweatshirt usually involves printing the size of an A4 page on the front of a pre-made sweatshirt.  Generally, they don't look that great.

Knitting is different, the different yarns are woven to create a new sweater where the design actually forms part of the sweater.  This means you have full design flexibility - the design can go on the front, back and sleeves.

How do you create your own custom knit sweaters?

The process is actually easy.  You can create your own original design (see the example below) and choose your exact pantone colors.  If you need help with design, we have a design team.


Image of an example knitted sweater design

Once your design has been created, our team of designers create knitting patterns using specialist software.  We then knit the first sweater for your approval before going into full production.  The results are amazing (see example below).

image of a custom knit sweater with a cat design


Are you restricted by colors with the custom knitted sweaters?

No, you can opt for any color at all you like. The easiest thing to do is match to a pantone color. The max number of colors for the knitted sweaters is 6 colors.  You can choose your exact colors to ensure your sweater fully aligns with your brand.

Can you knit single individual sweaters?

Unfortunately, the minimum order is 100 sweaters.  Previously, it was 1,000 and numbers continue to fall as the technology gets better and better.  The good news is that you can mix sizes within that 100 sweaters.  They're ideal to give as gifts or for resale.

Are all of your custom knit sweaters ugly?

While we make a lot (a lot!) of "ugly" Christmas sweaters, we also make a lot of non Christmas sweaters - the quality is amazing and they're great for year round.

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