Custom Logo Socks for Events

May 17, 2019

Custom Logo Socks for Events

We don't need to explain that socks are no longer boring and bland. We have all seen the amazing range of socks that are on offer today-and we probably even own quite a few! Socks can be as fun and wild as you want them to be and thanks to our politicians and celebrities, they can also be worn anywhere-yes, even the boardroom! That makes them the ideal gift to give at events. 

If your company is having an event, it is important to note that not all promotional socks are the same. Some promotional socks are printed. Our socks are fully custom made and we offer a variety of styles. Please don't worry-our socks aren't printed !So what is important to keep in mind for the promotional socks? 

1. You want the recipient to be able to wear the socks. It's a gift that you not only want them to love but to use too. That means that they need to be comfortable and fit. So if you're giving them to people at an event who normally wear the standard dress socks then opt for custom dress socks. These are premium quality and the material is soft and they wash really well. If you want to use the socks at a sport event, opt for athletic socks. We can help deciding what sock style will work best if you are unsure. 

2. You want the recipient to smile when they see the socks. What is the point in handing out black socks with virtually no design? Nobody will remember where they came from, they will just be added to the pile of plain black socks. Socks are now so popular because of the crazy and fun designs that are available. This can also be incorporated into the custom logo socks. If you just want your logo on the sock, have it repeated all over the socks and opt for a vibrant and fun color. People are sure to ask where they got their socks from. 

How do I select a style?

That's something we can help with but keep in mind the following: 

1. Who are you giving them to? As with point one above, if giving them to someone for a certain event, like sports, it will be more in keeping with the event to give  athletic style socks but sometimes it isn't as clear cut as that. You may want to give them at an event promoting your new product but the event will be attended by a variety of people who like different things. In that case, the most important thing to keep in mind is providing a sock that people can wear. Take for example people who like sports, they don't wear athletic socks all the time or ankle socks, they wear dress socks too so you might then opt for a sock that suits most people and in that case it would be the dress sock. 

What's the difference between an athletic sock and a dress sock?

Dress socks are the socks that most of us wear on a daily basis-whether that be to work, under a suit, or casually under jeans. They are a standard size and shape and the material is soft which makes them comfortable to wear. They aren't too thick and they aren't too thin either. They can also stretch!

Athletic socks are made with a thicker material , the fabric is more durable as they are normally worn for sports events and have a different function than the dress sock. They are also comfortable though as the material is breathable. Mostly, you will find that these socks are often longer in length than dress socks. 

Other Styles

There are also other styles available like the crew socks and ankle socks. While these options are not as popular as the dress and athletic socks, ankle socks in particular make a great little gift for promotional events and work well for gifts bags for influencers, youtubers and make up gurus.

 Regardless of the sock style you opt for, all of them can be fully custom made and have your logo incorporated. By opting for fully custom socks instead of printed socks, you can select any color and design and the finished product will be a premium product which is how you want your brand portrayed. 

Need help? Contact us here, we would love to help!

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