Custom Logo Socks

April 11, 2019

If you're thinking of making custom socks with your logo, there are a small number of options:

1. Print to pre-made socks - use printers to print directly onto pre-made socks.  The quality is poor, they wash badly.  More customized than custom.

2. Embroidering to pre-made socks - again, these are pre-made socks where a logo is embroidered on.  These are more customized than custom.

3. Made from scratch - these are fully custom socks where you can choose any color, any design and the socks are made for you.  They wash and wear very well.

There really isn't any good reason to choose printing or embroidering any more (no. 1 and 2).  Historically there were very high minimum order quantities for custom making anything (like socks!) but if you're keen to attach your precious logo to anything, it should be made for you, not just an afterthought attached to an inferior product.

When you're creating custom logo socks, you should also consider the option of adding custom labels.  If you think about the fan receiving the socks, the first thing they'll notice is the label.  If you're making custom socks, you should always make sure a label is included.

The other advantage to making fully custom logo socks from scratch is that you get the chance to choose colors that actually match your brand colors.  The difference is night and day.

So a few things worth checking before going ahead with your sock project:

1. Are the custom logo socks made from scratch?

2. Can the manufacturer also make packaging for you?  Is it included in the price?

3. Can you choose your brand colors?

It's always worth double checking.  If you need any help creating custom socks, we'd be delighted to help.  Check out our Custom Socks page here.


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