Custom Knitted Christmas Sweaters Design Ideas

August 23, 2019

It's that time of year again-time to order custom knitted christmas sweaters.

This week, our designer has a few ideas for custom christmas knitted sweaters for 2019:

1. Santa custom christmas knitted sweaters. We find every year that Santa is a crowd pleaser. Due to the fact that knitting is so advanced now, great details can be achieved in the design so we are not just talking about an outline of Santa, you can have an actual Santa face (one that even winks if required!)

2. Custom christmas knitted sweaters with lists. Actual real lists on the custom christmas knitted sweaters is of course possible but we have found that that was more popular 2-3 years ago. Clients are now looking for lights incorporated in a different way-via the specific type of yarn used. Talk to our team about it and they will let you know. It is super exciting!

3. Gaudy and Ugly. For a while the whole "ugly" part of the ugly sweater wasn't so important, the trend was more towards different types of designs. This year ,ugly is popular again so gaudy and ugly is a good tip for the custom knitted christmas sweaters. Add some tinsel and baubles to your design.

4. Happy Birthday Jesus ugly christmas sweater. This is a trend that was popular for around two years now. The Happy Birthday part is a fun element for the design.

5. Interactive sweaters-make your custom knitted christmas sweaters interactive. This can be done in a few different ways . A really popular way of achieving this is through a stocking on the front of the sweater. This stocking is a 3D aspect of the knitted sweater design and requires additional work so please ensure to leave a big of extra time if adding this part to your design. The stocking can be made in the shape of a real christmas stocking and can hold bottles/balls etc and so on.

6. Cat Sweaters. Cats seem to be popular every year. To incorporate the cat into a custom knitted christmas sweater, you can include it anywhere on the sweater-front, back or sleeves if required. So you can use the entire cat body, cat outline or even the cat face. You can have multiple cats or one main cat as the focus. 

7. Two person custom knitted christmas sweaters. This is a trend that will continue this year although not quite as popular as in previous years. It is essentially two sweaters knitted together as one large sweater so two people can fit inside and share the sweater and have one sleeve each. 

8. Fireplace sweater-this is another good option if using a stocking as part of the custom knitted christmas sweater as it is associated with them. There was a trend around 3 years ago to have a fireplace that actually lights up but now, the trend is to use amazing color and different yarns. Contact our team to discuss this option further. 

9. Fast food and drink sweaters. Well it doesn't need to be fast food obviously but fries look amazing when knitted! Although avocados would look just as good. It is fun to incorporate little symbols for food and drink into the design as it creates such a talking point. There are so many different food trends so whether you are vegan or love meat and go crazy for beer or don't drink at all, you can really express yourself through the design. 

10. Magical Sweaters-making the custom knitted christmas sweaters magical is another great idea as christmas is a magical time for some so adding things like unicorns, stars and so on make the sweater design a much greater and more pleasant experience. 

Real to get started? We would love to discuss your project with you. If you have a design for the custom knitted christmas sweaters, please just contact us here or if you need help with the design, please just contact us here! 

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