Custom Christmas Sweaters - Top Ten Ideas for Inspiration

August 16, 2019

Need help with some ideas for creating a custom christmas sweater? Here are the tope ten ideas ! 

1. Stick to Three Colors

You don't need to use multiple colors to create a big impact. In fact, using three really solid colors bring the custom christmas sweater to life. Think of a christmas green, festive red and brilliant snow white. 

2. Don't be afraid to vary the Design on each side.

The great thing about the custom christmas sweaters is that they are fully custom and knitted. So essentially that means there is no restriction at all as to where the design can go-it can go absolutely anywhere on the front, back and even sleeves. Many sweaters have repeated patterns which continue from the front on to the back and sleeves and this looks awesome but why not change it a little bit and use a completely different design for the back? Don't forget, logos and text can be added so really any option is great!

3.Make it Personal

If making custom ugly christmas sweaters, you really want it to mean something to you, your brand or company so add in some personal elements. You can even include a hidden slogan between the design - add something that people will be amazed when they find it , something that isn't immediately obvious. 

4. Don't Shy away from Christmas

Custom ugly christmas sweaters are awesome but sometimes because they are custom and branded, the design is missing that special christmas element. So don't forget to include christmas trees or reindeers or Santa etc as it really brings the design together and completes that amazing Holiday Sweater!

5. Fairisle

Fairisle is a great choice for a custom ugly christmas sweater as you can keep the traditional look of fair isle but add in your own twist-you can create a pattern for example using the symbols or logo of your brand/company. This makes for an amazing gift for everyone in the company along with fans of the brand.

6. Playful Sweater

If your custom christmas sweaters will be worn by staff at the yearly Holiday party, then a good option is to make the sweater playful. You can add a game on to the sweater-think of a Where's Wally style look (you have to find something on the sweater) or guess what different symbols relate to and so on. 

7. Add some nostalgia into your custom christmas sweaters

We all remember The Cosby Show sweaters but it wasn't all about that show-the sweaters were seen across the board, they may not have been referred to as christmas sweaters but that stand out and loud pattern is certainly associated with the look. Add in some patterns and looks form the 80s and everyone will for sure be talking about your custom christmas sweaters!

8. Incorporate one of your passions

It is great to use the sweaters to promote a brand or a new product etc but if you want to add something as well as that, that can be done. If you're passionate about the Ocean or saving the environment, add something fun to get people talking. Get others interested in it! Don't forget, we also plant a tree for every item we make here at Roody Originals so the fact you are buying a sweater is already helping the environment! 

9.Limited Edition Holiday Sweaters

There are some brands that I just adore and when I see they are bringing out a limited edition Holiday sweater, I know I have to have one! If you're doing a run of limited edition Holiday sweaters for your brand, then number then. This can be done via special labels. Talk to us about it. It will make your custom christmas sweaters truly special!

10. Create a Character

We know that companies that start to make sweaters love them so much that they become a yearly thing. So if you create a character (for example a super fun reindeer) and include that somewhere on the sweater, people will look out for it to see what the character is up to and will wait in anticipation for the next ones!

Ready to get started? Contact us here. 

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