Custom Christmas Sweaters

July 26, 2019

If you're looking to create a custom christmas sweater and are ready to place your order or if you have any queries or need help with a design, please contact us here. 

Custom Christmas Sweaters are bang on trend for a number of different reasons:

1. Ugly christmas sweaters are super popular-everyone wears them every year but they have also been welcomed into the corporate world and companies are having holiday parties and ugly christmas sweater days. Due to that there is a demand for custom christmas sweaters as companies want to create their own christmas sweater so that they will have personal and branded ones.

They are also featured in films and celebrities wear them year on year. This helps to pro divide inspiration when creating designs as it is easy to see what sweaters are the most popular.

2. They are not fast fashion. We are all aware of the problem with fast fashion. The concept really involves buying an article of clothing, which is not expensive, and then normally wearing it once or twice before discarding it. That ends up in landfill and therefore creates problems for the environment. As we are all more aware of this now, it is important to note it when purchasing items. The custom christmas sweaters are knitted and a premium blend. Due to that it is an item that you can keep and wear multiple times-not just for one holiday period. The other great thing about them is that if you are gifting them to clients, they will keep them as everyone always loves them. They won't end up in landfill ore discarded like many promotional items or printed merch.

3. Companies want their brands reflected in premium merch. Custom christmas sweaters are a premium product. The sweaters we make are fully custom and knitted and is a great representative of a brand. Companies have worked so hard to build their brand, have their colors well known, create a public perception of them and so on that it would be really bad to let the brand down by having cheap and bad quality merch. The custom christmas sweaters are such a great touch and product for companies. Brand logos and colors, symbols and designs  can also be incorporated. 


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