Custom Christmas Jumpers Australia

May 08, 2019

Christmas in July has become a feature on the calendar in Australia.  Every year, we receive lots of queries from Australians wanting to create original custom Christmas Jumpers for their brand or organisation.

We make amazing Custom Christmas Jumpers, knitted from scratch.  We deliver the jumpers right to your door in Australia.

Image of Custom Christmas Jumper, Australia

What does knitted from scratch mean?

In the past, companies printed to sweatshirts and hoodies and while that's fine, it's not really a Christmas Jumper.  Knitted from scratch means the jumper is actually knitted for you.  You can choose any colors, any design.  We even knit the logo.

How long does it take?

Typical production time is 30 days but we can accomodate rush orders ie. we can do it faster.  We always give a delivery date before you order so you know your custom Christmas Jumpers will be delivered on time.  We use the most advanced knitting machines in the world and our customers are always amazed by the quality.  

Where do you deliver to in Australia?

We deliver throughout Australia, right to your door.

What's the minimum order quantity?

Usually, when you're dealing with knitwear, minimums are in the 1,000+.  Our minimum is just 100 units.  You can have different sizes within those 100 units.

How much do they cost?

For 100 units, the price is US$39 per unit (roughly AUS$56). We look after any customs charges. 

What are they typically used for?

Our custom Christmas Jumpers have been used for staff gifts, social media prizes, PR projects, gifts at events, promotional staff uniforms, etc.  They're so unusual, it's not unusual for them to go viral.

What's the impact?

You'll never find another product like a Christmas Jumper in terms of impact.  People go insane... We've had our jumpers trend no. 1 worldwide and it's typical to get a repeat order within a day of arrival.  They're absolutely amazing.

Image of Custom Christmas Jumpers in Australia

If you'd like more details, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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