Create your own Ugly Christmas Sweater

July 19, 2019

It's the time of year again-ugly christmas sweater time!! That means, it is time for you to create your own ugly christmas sweater! 

The sweaters we make are knitted, chunky and cosy and you can select any sort of design you like, from bells, holly, christmas crackers, gifts, christmas trees, reindeers , penguins and so on. You can mix the christmas icons with brand and company icons like your logo and other company symbols. You can add in some naughty or nice elements too!

Ugly christmas sweaters are hugely popular thanks to The Cosby Show, Bridget Jones, Elf, Home Alone and so on. We have found that customers don't really want replicas of the sweaters worn in these movies, instead they use them as inspiration to create something original and unique. So even if you want a sweater like the one worn by Colin Firth, you may simply want to include the snowman but incorporate different symbols and designs and your logo and so on. You can also add words. If you want to include a message on the sweater, you can do so-something like the below for example.

You can create your own christmas ugly sweater online and we have free templates here. If you need help with a  design please just let us know and we can get started on it immediately! 

Think about the colors you want to use too as this is really important. You may want a sweater similar to one you have seen before, that you are using for inspiration, but wish to use your brand dolors-that's no problem. Just let us know the pantone you need! 

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