Create your own Ugly Christmas Sweater

July 05, 2019

How to create your own ugly christmas sweater?

Use an ugly christmas sweater generator or one of our templates-you can get a template for free here.

When you have the outline of the christmas sweater, decide on a main color for the sweater

When you have chosen a main color for the sweater, decide on what sort of design you want to include.  

Use little graphic and vector images as they are super easy to add to the template and you can add and remove as you work through the sweater details. An example of such an image is like this pug face:

When you have icons like this you can then decide whether you want a few small little ones on the sweater-like a row of little faces or one main image-like front and centre like this:


When adding font, it is better to make it slightly large on the image-large enough that you can read it on the template as when knitted, you want the text visible. 

As you can also see from the example above, the collars , cuffs and hem can be a different color to the main sweater color.

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