Create custom socks as Swag

March 26, 2019

We've made lots and lots of custom socks as swag for brands, charities and companies.  Custom socks make awesome swag:

1. People love receiving them and everyone wears socks
2. Memorable and shareable on social media
3. Sizing is very easy
4. They're low cost

Like anything that's custom made, it's worth doing a few checks before you start:

1. Are the socks custom or customized?
In the bad old days, socks were customized - this means existing socks are just embroidered or printed on.  These socks suck!  There's no reason to do it anymore - good vendors make socks from scratch - any color, any design.

2. Do you want custom packaging?
Of course you do!  Everyone does.  Custom packaging should always be included as it's a key element of the swag.  You can put your message on there and get really creative - always check that your supplier is making some custom packaging and it's included in the price.

3. How many pairs are you sending?
Some customers opt for a single pair - we always suggest at least two pairs per customer / fan.  If you're sending them out the extra cost is negligible and it's a totally different experience for your customer.  Rather than just a nice feeling, suddenly they're picking a friend who'd love them.  It's a decision for them and it gives a reason to pass on your story.  

If you'd like any help making custom socks, please check out our Custom Socks page.

Image of sample socks

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