Create Custom Christmas Sweaters for a Corporate Gift

March 20, 2019

Custom Christmas sweaters make a fun novelty gift for clients, staff and anyone that loves your brand.  We make tens of thousands of custom Christmas Sweaters every year, so we have a few tips that may be useful:

1. Always go with knitted.  Christmas sweaters are meant to be knitted, not printed or embroidered.  It's really important to check with whoever is providing the sweaters before you start.

Image of pilots in Eurowings sweaters

2. Make something a bit original.  With knitted sweaters, you have full flexibility on the front, back and sleeves so be adventurous.  Make the sleeves different colors. Incorporate some funny seasonal messages specific to your company.  have fun with it.

Image of iHop Sweater

3.  Use bright colors.  We've seen sweaters in all colors and designs but generally, the highest impact are those with bright colors- reds and blues come out amazing.

Image of the Twitter ugly sweater

If you'd like any help making awesome knitted Christmas sweaters, we'd be delighted - we usually answer queries super fast.  For more information, check out our Custom Christmas Sweaters page.

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