Create Custom Beanies for a PR Campaign

March 21, 2019

Custom beanies are a fun gift for journalists, bloggers and story-tellers.  We've made thousands and thousands of custom beanies so we have a few tips.

1. Check whether the beanies are being made from scratch.  Most companies just offer to print or embroider on an existing hat.  The result can be dull and boring - better send nothing than something less than awesome. It is possible to get custom beanies knitted from scratch.  This means you can use any color, any design.  The result is so much better!

2. Make sure to include a label:  people love branded stuff, make sure to have a custom label made and attached.  Great companies will do it for you.

3.  Be original in your design:  when you're making something from scratch, you might as well use the entire hat, make something fun and original.  Get friends and colleagues involved.  Creating something original is a fantastic feeling and it should really help light up your PR campaign.

Image of cat hat

If you need any help making beanies or with design, we'd be delighted - check out our Custom Beanies page.

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